My book “Watch Your Back” opens with a heartwarming “Note to my younger self.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m writing this note to you from age 38. People know who you are but not your stories. It’s hard to believe this today but you will grow from a shy and timid child into a sassy and resilient woman of substance who has the mouth of a sailor. As a child, you were bullied heavily in and outside of school. After hitting rock bottom many times as an adult, the breakthrough will be ages 25-28. This turning point will transform you into the fierce woman you are today. Brace yourself for your 30’s because these will be tumultuous years. You will experience some domestic abuse and have a survivor story of your own to share. The inner power and courage you worked so hard for will be lost. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually regain this strength again through a lot therapy and soul searching. A lot of women will recognize you as a source of inspiration to them. You’ll be so proud of the fierce woman you grow up to be. Remember, you will be the only problem you will ever have and you’ll be the only solution.”