Motivational Speaker, Blogger, and Author Swati Singh will be releasing her inspirational book May 1st 

Author Swati Singh, 2/20/2021 – “Her Brave Journey” tells the story of a South Asian woman named Kiara who is a survivor of adversities. Debut author, Swati Singh, takes readers on the ups and downs of Kiara’s journey from her childhood to mid-40’s. Kiara’s journey begins when she immigrates from India to the US as a child in the 1980s. Eventually, she finds her independence and gets married, but finds herself psychologically trapped in an abusive marriage.

Stuck in the vicious and confusing cycle of abuse, Kiara does some soul searching by visiting a wellness retreat in India, where despite feeling detached from God, she feels attached to spirituality. This spiritual awakening helps her understand her inner power and bravery. Now she realizes how she’s protected herself her entire life. She’s stronger on her own and braver than she thinks. Swati discusses sensitive topics such as domestic violence, divorce, patriarchy, bullying, and mental health.

Her Brave Journey is a fictionalized account of stories Swati has heard from other women in tough marriages, for whom she hopes to provide a voice. Swati’s previous blog ( covered her unconventional opinions on thought-provoking social topics.

Swati holds a master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Maryland and works in talent acquisition at Navy Federal Credit Union. When she’s not working or writing, Swati loves spending time with her family and friends in Washington, DC where she lives. Some of her hobbies include bike riding, walking, traveling, and watching The Real Housewives franchise (ANY city!).