It’s not uncommon for an author to take real life experiences and build a book around them, but to do it in an authentic, powerful voice is uncommon.  Our conversation began as most episodes do, when Swati answered my question about something people might not know about her, something not on her bio or LinkedIn profile. Her answer was unique and somewhat surprising: She worked for her local police department when she was in high school.  Having that experience brought her a completely different perspective and shaped how she saw herself and her place in the world.

Swati mentioned that when she looks back at who she was at that time, it surprises her that she got the job – and even more that she would have even applied for it. She was shy, quiet, and avoided socialising outside of her normal routine. “I think I underestimate my younger self sometimes.”

The conversation took a surprising turn at that, with a deep discussion about how we see our younger selves, and the warped perspective we have of ourselves when we look back.

People who knew us in our younger years would most likely look at us now and say: “Oh yes, you always had this in you, you just didn’t know it yet.”  To learn more about Swati Singh and to order her book, visit her website, follow her on Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn.


“Uncovering the right stories for the right audiences so executives, leaders, public speakers, and job seekers can clearly and actively demonstrate their character, values, and vision.”

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

In my work with coaching clients, I guide people to improve their communication using storytelling as the foundation of our work together. What I’ve realized over years of coaching and podcasting is that the majority of people don’t realize the impact of the stories they share – on their internal messages, and on the people they’re sharing them with.

My work with leaders and people who aspire to be leaders follows a similar path to the interviews on my podcast, uncovering pivotal moments in their lives and learning how to share them to connect more authentically with others, to make their presentations and speaking more engaging, to reveal patterns that have kept them stuck or moved them forward, and to improve their relationships at work and at home. The audiobook, Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will is now available!

Included with your purchase are two bonus tracks, songs recorded by Sarah’s band, Spare Change, in her living room in Montana.